Tuesday, January 7, 2014


First of all we moved this year! This is the view from my kitchen window. Granted this was taken at the beginning of last year, but it still is just as beautiful. Eventually they will put houses there and it will become a booming metropolis, but we are enjoying the view while we can. It may only be for a few more months. 
Kyle started working at the University of Utah Hospital. He likes the environment there ions better than his last job! He is still working crazy long hours, but hoping to improve that. The chief of cardiothoracic surgery has even taken scheduling advice from me! And that schedule is hopefully going into effect in the next few months.

 Bailey started dance and loves it! She had her first recital in May and was in the Nutcracker in December. She has really loved being in dance and really gotten good and coordinated.
She started preschool and has learned so much! She's learned how to write and is even writing words like mom and dad. She will write longer words if I tell her how to spell them. 
She turned 4 this year and got her first bike! Her favorite person recently is tinkerbell and loves anything so hence the cake and Disney Fairies bike. 

Hattie has gotten so big! She is constantly growing, getting into things, and on the move. She loves her big sister and puppies. We have a blast with her and she is so funny. Her sense of humor is so developed that it amazes me everyday.
She had her first birthday and loved every minute of it. She is just a happy baby.

As for me, I pretty much did everything that the kids and Kyle did. I did however complete my first triathlon and am signed up for another in May. I definitely know to be more prepared this time. 
We got our patio done this summer and are hoping to get our sprinklers, grass and trees in before this next summer! That will be so nice to get more space for the kids to play. We really love living close to our family and spending more time together. Here's to another great year!


Rachael and Jeremy said...

We love having you here too!!

Christina (Cha) said...

I just found your blog!!! Love it, miss you guys SO much! Glad you are doing well.